Writing for fun

Why would I want to write for fun? Well, there are a host of reasons, partly because this will become a practice field for developing my more ‘professional’ writing on my other blogs, partly just because it is fun, partly as an exercise in slowing down (I plan to write all these entries in longhand before transcribing them here)… When I was in SW France in April 2013, I was idling around Bergerac when I just happened upon a couple (Sean M Madden and Mufida Kassalias) who were touting a 2 day course in “Writing from the Heart”. It was only about 20 minutes’ away from where I was staying, so I signed up (why not?) and was enthralled with what came out of my head onto paper given some very simple prompts. It was an wonderful two days and set me off on this trail of discovery, I hope you will be happy to journey with me – I’m not seeking approval or anything but do promise to read any comments you want to make.

If you would like to have your writing instincts/ambitions prompted in a gentle supportive way, then Sean and Mufida could be for you – they are running a series of workshops in the UK. Go on, have a look…

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