Whooppeee! Sleep apneoa not a problem

The major newCPAPs is that after a very informative visit to Dr Elliot in the Sleep Clinic I will not be sleepng in a CPAP* device. To summarise his words “A CPAP would make a difference but not the sort of difference that you will like!”

The essence of the story is that my overnight monitor showed that my incidence of ‘breathing breaks’ is at the bottom end of moderate. If it was Low (the next category down) they would do nothing, and as I am not showing any symptoms of daytime tiredness he sees no reason to inflict a face mask on me in which I would have to sleep. I’m rather pleased with that outcome as yet another asymptomatic condition has been assessed and a decision made not to do anything.

He also said that there is an association between high blood pressure and sleep apneoa, so as my BP comes down the SA could reduce. As will it also as my weight reduces 🙂

So, that is one obstacle to surgery removed. Aparrently the concern is to help the anaesthetist understand how much, if any, sedative to give after the operation.

Dr Elliot was superb. Empathetic, clear in his explanations and expectations and I even managed to get into the clinic first at 0900 as promised on the appointment letter. He even said that a letter would be on it’s way to my GP, copy to me, today! And to add to the trail of administrative woes, he commented that he didn’t understand why it had taken so ong to get me into his clinic! Me neither.


*Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device – ‘blows’ air up your nose to keep the airways open and reduce the incidence of ‘non-breathing’ events.

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