Time to pack my bags

Keep calm and packI went for a 3rd pre-operative assessment this afternoon. Firstly, congratulations to the booking service who moved my appointment on the phone when I rang to point out that they had chosen a date when I would be in France. Straightforward as usual – they do seem very efficient in pre-op assessment – with BP, bloods, cardio, height & weight and medical history checks. All seems to be well, pending return of the bloods.

Secondly, congratulations to the nurse in pre-op (I’m so sorry I didn’t catch her name) who went out of her way to ring up and get me an appointment for an updated Goldman Test – even to the extent of offering me alternative appointments (nobody has ever done that before).

All my questions – about whether, contrary to the impression given in the letter asking me along for surgery, I would be staying in overnight (yes, probably for a couple of nights unless I react badly to the procedure); about whether or not Suanne would be able to accompany me to the theatre (yes); about relative trivia such as clothing and what to bring with me ( a small overnight bag, “slippers and dressing gown if you have one but don’t go out and buy them because you will be in a surgical gown most of the time”)…

Turns out that the nurse I saw used to work in neurosurgery, so I discovered that I will not be having a vacuum cleaner shoved up my nose after all – it is aparrently referred to as a ‘globsucker’.

So, I am now ready to rock ‘n roll, just need to pack my bag next week – Suzanne has booked us to go and see Chicago on Thursday night so that should take my mind off having to get up at 0600 to be at the ward by 0700. I still feel quite laid back about the whole procedure, let’s hope that continues. My only concern is whether I will be able to take a pre-planned trip to Belgium later in the week I expect to be discharged. Last minute decision I think.

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