So, who is caring for me?

Computer says noAs requested when Suzanne took a message for me last week (about a referral to the Pituitary Clinic), when I heard nothing after 7 days I rang to ask what was going on. “Well Mr Roberts, we have no request for an appointment in our system” says the helpful agent on the Bookings Service phone line. Hmmm….thinks I.

So what next, I guess that ringing  the Dr. who asked for the  appointment, so I ask under which consultant’s care I am registered, having got three names (Drs Jung, Yoga and Parnell). I ring Dr Randall’s secretary to be told I have been discharged from his care (I never even knew I had been in his care, nobody having mentioned that name until I rang the appointments people!) as my condition is not to do with neurology…

I am, however given another name (Dr     )

I guess that I am a bit hacked off at the lack of communication between the hospital and myself about all of this – isn’t it easy enough to give me a letter or send me an email as I am handed off from one department to another? What I have learned is the need to ask more clearly with whom I am dealing – NOTE TO SELF.

YO! Kathryn, Dr Randall’s secretary has rung back – she has spoken to Dr and he has said that it is fine for me to go on holiday and that there is no problem in delaying the appointment until I get back 🙂

Off to get Euros!

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