Ready for surgery

Pre-operative assessmentToday’s visit to Leeds General Infirmary was for a pre-surgery re-assessment, the old one now being time expired after 13 weeks. Until I pass this gateway I cannot get on the surgery list, so I was keen to ‘pass’. I had already been impressed that I received an appointment so soon after getting clearance on my blood pressure (1 week from clearance to appointment) and seeing the sleep clinic (again about a week).

Even more impressed with the controlled whirlwind I entered when I arrived just before 1300 for my re-assessment. On announcing myself I was immediately sent down for an ECG; ECG complete with no waiting in 5 minutes; back to reception to be sent off for an interview with the nurse, who was personable, helpful and quickly reviewed my earlier notes asking for any changes to earlier responses; blood pressure OK, swabs for MRSA went up my nose, under armpits and in my groin (last time’s were clear); sent off for blood samples where I didn’t even get to sit down before I was asked through and a very chatty young man swiftly and smoothly took four samples from the back of my hand (without even challenging my proposition that this would be easier than my inner elbow) and sent me back to reception from where I was dismissed having completed the assessment. All in all about 35 minutes, much of which was spent wandering around from one location ot the next. Great service.

Finally, a mention that I may be referred for another Goldman Test (for visual field assessment) because the last one was 5 months ago. This should not delay surgery though.

Even better was the help given to me in identifying to whom I needed to speak to check that I was on the waiting list (and possibly influence about when I am listed!). Thank you everyone this afternoon, I walked away well pleased with a smile on my face. Only downside was that I had paid for 3 hours parking and only needed 1 – oh well, small price to pay 🙂

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