Progress (with a minor glitch)!

Sleep ApneoaWell, this morning I got a letter from the Outpatients Appointment Service at LTHT letting me know that I had an appointment ‘under the care of’ Dr Ghosh’ for 30th December. Well, I don’t think I have ever seen Dr Ghosh, so wonder what this appointment is for; it doesn’t say on the letter so I ring up. It tuns out that this is the long-awaited sleep apneoa appointment. Good!

While on the phone I suggested that it might be helpful if they could put on the letter which clinic/specialism the appointment is for. Apparrently they can’t do this because of confidentiality reaons “the letter might get opened by the wrong person”. Don’t understand this because some previous letters have contained such detail – I just picked up a random one that happens to be on my desk and it clearly says “your neurosurgery appointment”. Moreover, I have received, from the same hospital, copies of letters with large amounts of personal medical detail.

Am I being fobbed off, or are there different protocols for different specialisms, and if so why?

By the way, the new blood pressure ‘agent’ (seems to be the current jargon) has had a pretty impressive and rapid effect with my BP dropping about 15/10 within days of starting it. Impressive.

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