Not again!

Staff shortages

Here I am less than 24 hours before surgery and, for the second time, it has been postponed. A very nice and massively apologetic phone call from my surgeon’s secretary advising that they are short of theatre staff and have had to move it to next week, same place same time – and hopefully not the same result!
She was at pains to explain that she had written on my behalf to the Clinical Director explaining what had happened – thank you.

So now I reorganise my life for the third time. I am fed up, my friends will be fed up of me telling them it is going to happen (and that I will be out of action for 2 weeks), my family are fed up (one of whom has now travelled down twice from Cumbria to help with transport and other arrangements.

For the first time in this whole process I am feeling totally pissed off, yet still sanguine(?) about being relatively low priority. Keep calm and carry on.

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