Neurosurgery awaits

Geoff's MRI scan August 2015

Geoff’s MRI scan August 2015

This morning I went to see the neurosurgeon, Nick Phillips. He explained again much of what Rob Murray (Endocrine Consultant) had gone over and that there was a chance my visual field would recover somewhat once the pressure was taken off the optic nerve. Basically another reassuring visit, especially when he explained that is will be several weeks before surgery – I am 16th on the list and they do 1 or 2 a week. The fact that I was not promoted to the front of the queue is reassuring. Apparently these things grown at about 1mm per year, so it’s been there a while.

He says it looks like it will just suck out ‘like custard’ (his words!) although the little bit above the carotid is typically hard to reach so may get left.

Apparently an ENT specialist will start it all off – presumably making the entry through the sphenoid bone – before he takes over with his vacuum cleaner.

The plan is to go in on a Friday morning, operation Friday afternoon and all being well walk out the next Monday or Tuesday possibly feeling a bit congested. Then I cannot fly for 6 weeks! Better get a trip to Bergerac in while the going is good 🙂

All questions answered, I am sent off with a pack requesting pre-operative screening as had been foretold in the appointment letter. Only to find that “There is no room today, is it OK if we send you an appointment?” Well, once again where is the co-ordination? Firstly, the appointment could have been pre-booked as we already knew that surgery was going to happen. Secondly, what was to stop someone ringing down to check rather than having me traipse on a 10 minute walk only to be told to go away?

Anyway, I am still totally cool about this and can and will get on with some stuff to which I had committed before all this blew up. Oh, and book that jolliday as well.

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