My pituitary journey

For those who have not really been following my journey over the last 18 months, this is a summary recorded by Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust and shown to an internal conference. Watch and learn!

One response to “My pituitary journey

  1. A very interesting record of one patient’s saga. Over the last few months now amounting to yearly I have two very close friends who could have been sat in the chair you are Geoff and related a similar catalogue of events relating to their condition and the way they have been treated. To make matters worse one of them is nursing his wife, who is suffering from a motor neurone type disease, and so his treatment management is fitted in around his wife’s needs and consequently I have seen him deteriorate to a classic state whereby the carer might not survive the patient.
    I wish You and Yours all the Best for the New year, and that your survival is not left in the hands an administrator.

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