My list of Doctors

DoctorsAt some time or another I have come across all of these people – some I have actually seen, some only mentioned in letters! I do wonder at times whether any of them has the whole pathology in their head.

Dr Caroline Swinney    – practice doctor who gave  me the initial news, as my usual GP Dr Young was not working when I responded to their ‘come urgently’ call

Dr Jung – the consultant I should have seen for my initial appointment, but whose registrar I saw instead

Dr Yoga – Dr Jung’s registrar. Empathic, patient, clear and who told me I would be referred for eyes and that there would be an MDT meeting about my case.

Dr Marc Randall – Consultant Neurologist, who commissioned the bloods and wrote to my GP about the results

Mrs J Hoole – I will be ‘under her care’ when I attend the outpatient eye clinic

Dr Donald Young – my usual GP, from whom I have not heard but to whom a letter about my bloods has been sent.

Dr Murray – consultant endocrinologist to whose care I have apparently been transferred.

Dr Rob King – Dr Murray’s registrar who actually saw me when I first attended the endocrinology clinic

Mr Nick Phillips PhD FRCS FRCS(SN)  – the name on the neurosurgery appointment letter, who I have now met three times.

Dr Christian Manby – I have now been advised that he is my ‘named GP’; I had seen him several times about my BP as Dr Young was unavailable.

Dr Gosht – named on my appointment letter for the Sleep Clinic but never seen

Dr Elliot – actually seen when I visited the Sleep Clinic

Mr Paul Nix – consultant ENT surgeon who cut the hole in my sphenoid bone to allow access to the adenoma

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