LTHT could do better

broken-processThroughout this journey I have been disappointed by the quality of the administration at LTHT. A letter received today 5th September vividly illustrates the point.

The content of the letter is by and large immaterial, but this bit is the crux:

“We can discuss things in a little more detail at your appointment on 1 September”

the process however is illustrative:

Date dictated: 26 August

Date Typed: 1 September

Date received (sent 2nd Class!): 5th September

As I said, ‘could do better’.

As it happens I already knew all about the content of this letter, but I wonder how often letters get sent out too late to be of value to patients, how often do adults get sent letters addressed to “The parent or guardian of..”, how often do requests for appointments get sent to the ‘wrong person’ and not get acted upon, how often are patients told they are going to see one Dr only to find that they see another?  How often are patients left wondering whether anyone is looking at their whole pathology rather than the components thereof? How often to patients have to wait 90 minutes when they have turned up for a timed appointment?

The quality of care has for the most part, and certainly in all material respects, been outstanding. It would be nice to be able to say the same for the quality of the administration.

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