By and large, I now only do things that I enjoy doing – and so much the better when people pay me for the privilege.

So, what do I enjoy:

  • Essentially, helping individuals, teams and organisations become the best they can…

So, you might call me a coach, a developer of leaders and managers, a facilitator (especially of collaborative processes), a trainer – whatever the label, the work is about helping others learn about how to be more effective (whatever they may mean by that).

Of course ‘work’ is not always paid, and I volunteer my time both as a Trustee of Artworks and …

I have been a school governor in several schools….

I managed to extend my interest in environmental matters when I left Yorkshire Water by being asked to be a member of the North East REPAC, a statutory committee of the Environment Agency advising on strategic matters; I also chaired or sat on a variety of more local advisory groups. More recently I have been exploring the work done by The Aire Rivers Trust, a charity set up to promote improved environmental and recreational quality along the River Aire.

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