Finally, progress

Well, after all these weeks I have finally been ‘offered’ an appointment with Dr Murray, in the endocrinology clinic. I got  a phone call on Wednesday from his secretary (Katerina) and a letter on Friday morning.

Somewhat surprisingly, I sense no real feelings about this. Perhaps after all this waiting I have, rightly or wrongly, rationalised the situation as being either “time for an operation” or “we will monitor and see what happens”. I would prefer the latter – why risk an operation unless there is an imminent danger?

Anyway, Suzanne has asked to come with me so on Tuesday 28th July at 0959 I will turn up at the Endocrinology Clinic with my urine sample and see what he has to say.

Maybe I will feel like disclosing the situation more widely than just Suzanne after that, although I will need to think hard about the value of such disclosure. If it is asymptomatic and a ‘monitor’ decision then how does it help others to know – so far as I can see they will not be able to help and my condition will not be eased, on the other hand they might worry unnecessarily being less aware of the facts than I am. If it is an ‘operate’ decision then fair enough, as I will be having a major operation with several weeks’ of convalescence. We will see.

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