Could do better

Could do betterI woke this morning listening to Radio 4. Nothing unusual about that, what was unusual is that I very quickly got fed up of listening to a piece on the tragedy of one woman whose husband clearly received miserable care from the hospital he was being ‘cared for’ some 5 years ago. Rather than listen to the litany of mistakes that the hospital made 5 years ago, I got up thinking of two reasons why I did not want to listen:

One – let it go. It must serve you in some way to keep on about it after 5 years, and might (I do not know) it be better to move on?

Two – how does it help others who have to go into hospital to be reminded that mistakes do happen. Isn’t this simply going to reinforce fears and how does that help today’s patients?

Still not heard about this ’emergency referral’ so I will be ringing them today to find out what is going on. In my head, it is not so much of an ’emergency’ that I cannot go to France for 10 days if over a week after the message I have heard nothing. So at 1645 I thought I would ring to see what was happening – “Sorry but this department is closed”! About time the NHS started working normal office hours, let alone 24/7. Sorry that my condition is with me all day every day 🙁

I’m also finding myself struggling to hold back my growing intolerance of others with challenges that seem much larger to them than they do to me!

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