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Well, things are moving forward again and I have a few bits and pieces to add to the story so here goes…

Firstly back to that sleep apneoa. We already know that my consultant decided that a mask would be more hassle than it was worth. He had also commented on how long it had taken for me to get to see him. The letter he sent me and my GP also mentions that fact and that he will ‘look into’ why it took so long. I look forward to hearing the results of his ‘looking into’. On a slight downbeat note, I was contacted by the customer experience team with a suggestion that the film unit would contact me in early January to arrange some filming. Well, it’s long gone early January and so far no response. Perhaps they need a chase.

I also had an encouraging interchange about the timing of my surgery. As nobody was contacting me, I contacted the surgeon’s secretary asking when I might be listed. The answer was ‘March’ – but when in March I wondered? So instead of simply asking, I explained a couple of constraints (my birthday on 20th when I don’t really want to be in hospital and a trip to Turkey in July which will involve flying) and wondered if my surgery date could be fitted around that. The response was encouraging “We will do our utmost to accommodate your request…”.  A known date would be good, but this commitment is an improvement on simply not knowing.

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