Blood tests

Blood test tubesTwo letters – yesterday and today.

Today’s is ‘just’ the replacement ‘adult’ letter that I mentioned earlier – although some acknowledgement or apology for their earlier mistake would have been valued.

Yesterday’s, a copy of a letter they wrote to my GP (Dr Young – not the one who gave me the news originally) contains the results of my blood tests with an indication that these will be addressed when I attend the Pituitary/Endocrinology Clinic. I still do not have that appointment, although the lack of urgency is reassuring. For the record:

Testosterone                        – “low at 3.3”

Human Growth Hormone     – “less than .1”

Insulin light growth factor*    – normal

FH and LHM prolactin and thyroid function    – “within normal limits”

Oh, and yet another doctor – I have now started a list of the various practitioners with whom I have had contact…”My List of Doctors”

I’m feeling fine and AFAIK this thing remains asymptomatic.

Going to have to ask about this as I cannot find any references on Google to “Insulin light growth factor”. There are references to “…LIKE…” however. Surely spelling mistakes don’t occur in such important documents.

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