Being here

This was the first piece I wrote on Sean and Mufida’s course – the prompt was simply to write for 10 minutes ‘introducing yourself’. I really want to edit it, but I won’t because this IS what I wrote.

Accidental, tumbleweed, synchronous, serendipitous – how to describe my presence today? My scientific and regulatory background predisposes me to write formally, succinctly and objectively (whatever that is!), yet I have learned through my journey of personal and others’ development that the intellect is a weak guide compared to the affect.  If I am going to lead, end educate, others towards ‘being more of themselves’ then I need to become more of myself – exploring the desires and fears, trying new things, approaching old ones fomr a different perspective, challenging myself. I do this becasue i want to , not because someone else has told me I need to – I left that Controlling Parent behind over 20 years ago.

While I am here writing whatever, my wife Suzanne is at home writing her stuff, exploring her desire for academic recognition. She needs space for her studies, I need the warmth of the sun on my back – the cold, lazy winter challenged me for the first time ever this winter.

So, serendipity bumped into desire and here I am.

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