… and one step backwards.

One step backwardsHaving come home on something of a cloud yesterday afternoon, it has turned darker.

Phone message this morning advising that I have been submitted for an urgent referral to the pituitary clinic. This apparently has been prompted by the word ‘large’ in relation to this adenoma.

The message is that appointments are hard to get, should arrive within 7-14 days and that we should chase them up if we hear nothing. Cancelling the holiday threatens! Now THAT hacks me off, partly because I really want to go to France and partly because it will be difficult to avoid disclosing the situation to those affected by the cancellation (Sally & Ian, Lucy, Will primarily).

I can feel a massive dip in energy, enthusiasm as a consequence of this message. My heart is racing, Suzanne admits to having been in tears, and actually we are no further forward than we were yesterday… This is not about being brave, it is (at least for now) recognising that it is all out of my hands and there is little point in fretting – perhaps that is what is meant by ‘being brave’?

For some reason I now also feel able to read up on this condition, so watch out the internet! Now is the time to be prepared with questions….thank you to:







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