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Winne & ChristopherTen wonderful days on holiday in France at Sally & Ian Burgin’s – no thoughts of the condition, no symptoms and no disclosure because I have decided that when and if I do disclose I will want to do so when I can provide some meaningful information; until then only Suzanne and I know.

Back to a letter inviting “The Parent or Guardian of Geoffrey ….” to an appointment on 31 July. Now I was expecting an appointment on that date but they now seem to think that I am a minor. So, let’s ring for clarification – apparently my call is “..important to us”; but not so important that they manage to answer in less that 19 minutes!

When they finally do answer I simply express surprise that they have sent a ‘Parent or Guardian’ letter to a 64 year old! My real concern is that I turn up to find that as an adult I would be referred to a different speciality/clinic. “They have probably just picked up the wrong letter code” is the answer and the call handler asks if I would like to receive a new ‘adult’ letter; I say yes please and she just rings off with out a thank you or an OK… Not sure if my call really is all that important to them!

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