All change at Little England


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EU - inoroutWaking up at 0500 my wife whispered in my ear that it looks as if the majority have voted to leave the EU. I can hardly find the words to express the whirl of thoughts and emotions running through my body at a decision that leaves me wondering what our country has come to that we have a majority of voters who believe we can return to greatness by separating ourselves from one of the largest trading and social blocks in the world. I have been disappointed to be on the losing side of general elections, but never as disappointed as this.

The pound is already lower than for 30 years and I hate to think what will happen when the stock exchange opens. The years of instability we now face while trying to disentangle ourselves from the EU and negotiate alternative trade deals around the world. will hardly encourage inward investment (not that the Little Englanders will want that, after all those foreign Johnnies had better get their nose out of our business) and will likely lead to yet more of the bloody awful austerity that was not caused by the EU but by the greedy banking classes. Egocentrism wins.
I am sad that so many people think that closing our borders to people who make a net contribution to the economy is a good thing and just hope that those countries in which so many of our friends and relatives now live are not so small-minded and will allow them to continue living there. Those emigrants relying on incomes based in sterling have just had their incomes cut by 10% overnight, I doubt that they will thank you for that.

Isolationism has never been a good thing.

I’m trying to fight off my anger at this ridiculous decision, not because I am not angry but because it was anger that led to it. Unfortunately that anger got directed at the traditional enemy – ‘the other’ – rather than the real source of it, our own government and banking classes. For the first time in my life I now start to wonder whether there is a way to bypass a democratic decision. Shall we now pull out of TTIP, NATO etc because they cost us money – but recall that the money will not be spent on the NHS or roads it will be spent propping the pound up in order to make trade with our ex-friends affordable to them.

A sad, sad day and one which really makes me wonder about continuing to live in such a self-centred, little-minded country – but of course why would any other Europen country now want me there either?



2 responses to “All change at Little England

  1. Geoff, this is a spiteful victory for the War against Intelligence. We will all rue the day. The break up of the U.K. is now assured and possibly the wider disintegration of the Europe Union too with a domino effect. In the short term, deep recession. In the longer term, the isolation of Britain as any kind of economic or political influencer on the world stage. A nation of institutional racism and the acceleration of greed so that wealth and power is concentrated into even fewer hands awaits us all. 1933 beckons.

  2. Alan Meekings

    Well said, Geoff. At least you and I are still in complete agreement (albeit in our shared misery). As you know I’ve been saying for some time the problem was that Boris Johnson had cleverly changed this vote from something obscure, about EU membership, into a protest vote against everything that anyone could feel disgruntled about, fuelled by a constant stream of lies coming from the Telegraph, Mail, Express and Sun. Unfortunately, none the overwhelming proportion of MPs who voted to REMAIN had the guts to hold up their hands in advance and say, “Fair cop – it was us. We were the ones who failed to fix the housing crisis, or fix the shortages of school places and access to healthcare in certain areas, etc. Don’t blame Brussels or the EU. Blame us instead.” So, sadly, we’ve now seen the future and, like, Johnson, Gove and Farage, it smirks. The worst thing, of course, is that it’s the least well off who will suffer the most over the coming months and years. Well done Johnson, Gove, Farage et al. You’re all wealthy enough to be OK.

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