A blind man’s beach

2014-06-01 16.33.03Stevie wanted to know what the beach looked like.

She could feel the gravel and grainy sand between her toes, she heard the crash of the waves, and the smell of the sea salt and ozone brought back long-sleeping memories.

Hidden to her was the vast expanse of 2-tone sand, old and new gold, stretching ribbon-like to the long distant horizon. She heard, but could not see the deep blue ocean bounded by white breakers crashing endlessly onto the beach. That beach, previously ruffled by the hooves of hundreds of horses on their afternoon gallop, was now being swept clean and smooth.

The azure sky as if reflecting the seascape, a soft silent roll of white cotton wool cloud rolling gently off the tops of the hills that rose gently from the beach.

“Take me to the waves” said Stevie, I can feel those.

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